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It’s Gemstone June here on the Etsy Blog, which means that we’ve had all things gem-related on the brain! So far we’ve coveredfinding the perfect engagement ringour favorite gemstones (opal, chalcedony, and turquoise, anyone?), and how to make a crystal planter, and we’re just getting started. Be on the lookout for more about birthstones, rare stones and jewel tones.

To wrap up the week, we thought it would be nice to share some recent gems (pardon the pun), as well as some oldie-but-goodie blog posts. Enjoy!

Amethyst iPhone case.

Putting an (ethical) ring on it.

An uncut, Colombian emerald.



“Diamonds” giclee print.

Check out this silver druzy quartz ring. Shimmery!

Engagement rings to make your heart sing.


3D-printed diamond cookie cutter!